Noémie Gmür

Sex and Relationship Counsellor Hypnotherapist

Queer & LGBTQIA+ · Intersectional Feminism · Neurodiversity · Polyamory & Ethical Non Monogamy · Sex Positive · Kink / BDSM Aware · Sex Workers Affirmative · Trauma informed

Online & In person (Leipzig, Germany)


My name is Noémie Gmür (pronouns she/they). I am a certified relationship and sex counsellor who provides therapy, hypnotherapy and workshops for individuals, couples and multiple partnered relationships.

I offer counselling in English and French online or in person, in Leipzig West. Being queer, neurodivergent, and polyamorous myself, I'm constantly working on these issues to offer non-judgmental support. My approach is also based on the fact that each individual and each story is unique, implying I will always adjust my approach to suit your needs.

It consists of a one-on-one counselling session, either online or in person. A sex therapy is intended to help you resolve intimate difficulties.

Couple and relationship counseling is intended to support and help partners in their relationship, from all sexual orientations, in monogamous or consensual non-monogamy.


I am regularly hosting workshops, online and in person, for individuals, institutions and events such as festivals.

I am trained and certified in Psychotherapy of Reassociated Traumatism (PTR) Hyposis, developed by Gérald Brassine at the Milton Erickson Institute of Belgium. This solution-focus approach help to desensitize trauma & phobia.

What is Sex & Couple Therapy?

Sex & Couple Therapy focuses on sexuality, intimacy, identity, gender and the communication between partners. This talking therapy helps people sort out their thoughts and feelings around gender identity, sexual expression, romantic & erotic relationships, sexual and/or romantic attractions, kinks. It can occur individually or with your partner(s). This form of therapy does not include physical touch.

My therapeutical approach

I particularly work with people who identify as queer/LGBTQIA+, kinky/BDSM, sex-positive, neurodivergent, non-monogamous, polyamorous, BIPOC, trauma survivors, sex workers or people who aspire to explore these topics. If you don't recognize yourself in any of these terms, just know that I'm open-minded about them. Labels don't work for everyone, and that's totally okay. I also include an intersectional feminist approach and am continuously training and educating myself on these topics.

Through a conversational and mindfulness-based approach, I aim to help you identify repetitive and restrictive patterns that are altering your relationship with yourself and/or your partner(s). I work on the basis that you are your own expert. My job is to accompany you to reconnect with your needs and desires. It is very important for me that you leave the counseling session not only with more information and knowledge, but also with more power and self-confidence.

I am bound by professional secrecy; everything that is said and shared in our sessions remains strictly confidential.


I suggest that we first talk during a discovery call or video call (20-30min). It's free of charge. We'll chat a bit and see if and how I can help you. If we are in phase, we will then continue the follow-up and set an appointment together, on a video call, a call or in-person. A session lasts from 50min to 90min, depending on your needs and if you're on your own or with a partner. It's a space for you, in which you can talk about everything with no judgement. If there is anything you'd like to know about me to feel more comfortable, please feel free to ask.

There is no physical touch during a sex therapy session.


16.12.2023 : Mindfulness-Based Intimacy - with myself and others

You probably think about physical intimacy, right? However, it is so much more. Intimacy is when we are connected on a deeper level, and it comes in many different forms: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, creative, recreational intimacy... Thanks to a mindfulness approach, this workshop will enable you to explore these different kinds of intimacy and how (re)connecting to our body and to the present moment can help to grow healthier relationships not only with others, but also with ourselves. You will be introduced and guided through different meditations and exercises, which can be practised alone or/and with another person. When? On 16.12.2023, from 10:00 to 16:00 (including a lunch break) Where? At Yogastudio Ute Stephan, Zschochersche Str. 54-56, 04229 Leipzig Price scale: 70-80€ (If you would like to take part and are in financial difficulty, please let us me know and we can discuss a reduced rate together) Subscription by email, to and/or